Overall Rating: 100.00%
Average Rating: 10.00/10
The parts arrived in record time and I am very pleased with the results
of my install. Appreciate your assistance.

Mahalo, Vic
Thank you for the follow up. You've earned my business over my two local dealers because you sell parts at reasonable prices. So my next Toyota will be from you as well. I let my local dealers know that as well.

Thank you so much for your service!

The part has been installed by my local Toyota dealer.

It was wonderful using your service and I plan to use it again as needed in the future.

Very Respectfully,
Thank you for the E-mail. I received the parts that I ordered in perfect condition and was very pleased with the timely delivery. I thank you again for your business and looking forward to future orders.

P.S. The parts fit perfectly and achieved the look I was looking for.

Thank you for your follow up. It’s nice to see a Toyota dealer with concern about customers. I bought my first new Toyota, 1981 SR5 truck, I’ve been a diehard Toyota fan ever since. Through the years I’ve probable sold more Toyota cars and trucks than most of your sales people. Last year I purchased a one owner 08 tundra. Love the truck, had a problem with the torque converter, I called three dealers in the area and was Very disappointed in the knowledge, of the parts and service depts. Seems to me no one really knows their job. Not what I expect from Toyota. I would love to have a district manager to speak to, not to rag on anybody but to voice my concerns.
I have nothing but Great things to say about Toyota! Our family owns 14 Toyotas, it all started with the 1981 SR5. You can imagine the great stories and memories I have gathered over the last 40 years, let’s keep the train on the track!!

Thanks again,
Ron, definitely will use you guys in the futu

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